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Balancing Health & Hustle: Your Unique Journey to Wellness

Young woman is exercising yoga at home. Fitness, workout, healthy living and diet concept

In this fast-paced world, juggling various responsibilities can take a toll on our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. As someone who has personally experienced the struggle of weight loss, I understand the challenges all too well. The fear of the future, the constant battle with weight regain, and the overwhelming thoughts about food, the scale, […]

Confronting Weight Stigma: Embracing Compassionate Care for All Individuals

Positive overweight african american woman enjoying remote workout

It is disheartening to witness the persistence of weight stigma in our society today. Regrettably, false assumptions and biases about overweight individuals, such as laziness and lack of willpower, continue to prevail. These damaging beliefs have led to weight bias, which manifests as discriminatory acts and negative ideologies targeted at individuals based on their weight […]

Shifting Perspectives

overweight businessman sitting at workplace and looking at pills

In a recent encounter, someone made a thought-provoking statement that resonated deeply with me. They expressed frustration with doctors prescribing medications like Mounjaro solely for weight loss, claiming that such practices caused shortages for those who genuinely needed the medication for other health conditions, like diabetes. The patient expressed “I’m diabetic and can’t even get […]